Reduced to Data
July 1, 2020 but they end as you expect
The roof of the adjacent structure was apparently just fiberglass and immediately gave way under Andy's weight. He just disappeared, falling two stories, his fall broken by some shelves and an attempt to duck and roll.
I ran down as he limped out of the structure. I was still holding his rapier. I grabbed his arm and flung it over my shoulder to help him walk then we found Amity and Christy. Due to his injury, we wouldn't be able to climb back over the fence. I already had my rapier holstered but now I holstered his. We walked toward the pool to the main entrance.
When we eventually got back to the apartment, several of us helped wash the wound in the bathtub, below a gaping hole in the ceiling caused by a pipe that burst several weeks prior.
In the journey, my favorite moment came as we walked through the lobby. We came to the front desk where, surprisingly, two employees where still attending the desk. Andy, limping by, bid them to "Have a good night." They did not reply.
For the bulk of my life, Andy and our social unit were the nexus of my identity.  I invested significantly in what I thought was our collective fate.  It was only later that I realized they apparently had no interest nor intent with my fate.  It, to my discredit, impacted me too greatly.
The universe is not ordered.  Mathematics is an invention, not a discovery.
I still believe however, that the group is greater than the individual and empathizing with the unknown is superior to antagonizing it.
Sociopaths are limited by their lack of empathy.